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From Overwhelmed to Outstanding;
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Learn memory techniques to remember Vocabulary long answers formulae facts & figures appointments

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10 Days

13th May

08:00 pm

On Zoom

What can It help you with

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Why do we need Memory training?

In today’s fast-paced academic environments, the ability to absorb, retain, and retrieve information quickly is more important than ever. Memory training equips students with the skills to:

  • Manage Academic Stress: Efficient study techniques reduce anxiety by making the learning process more manageable and less overwhelming.
  • Achieve Academic Success: Strong memory skills are directly linked to academic performance, crucial for students in rigorous school programs and competitive exams.
  • Lay a Foundation for Lifelong Learning: The skills you develop now will serve you well beyond your school years, in higher education, your career, and personal life.

This program is designed specifically to address the pain points of students and parents alike, offering practical, actionable advice that can be immediately applied to improve study habits and academic performance.

Who is this program for?

  • student
    School Students
  • college student
    College students
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  • 003-teacher
  • aspirants
    Exam Aspirants
  • parents

Benefits of the program

What will you learn in the program?

Day 1

  • Language of Mind
  • Memorize list of 50 random words
  • AIR principle

Day 2

  • Technique to learn Vocabulary
  • States and Capitals of India
  • Country-Capitals of the world

Day 3

  • Technique to Memorize Numbers
  • Credit card numbers, phone numbers, addresses etc.

Day 4

  • Hide and Seek method for learning long answers
  • Creative Visualization

Day 5

  • Memory Codes
  • Formulae
  • Scientific Terms
  • Periodic Table

Day 6

  • History Dates
  • Different types of Mnemonics
  • Creating your own Mnemonics

Day 7

  • Sharpening your mental skills
  • How to increase your Concentration
  • Enhanced thinking skills

Mentored by

Guinness World Record Holders

Aditi Singhal

Aditi Singhal is a distinguished educationist, Guinness World Record Holder, and accomplished author. Aditi Singhal is the CEO of Dynamic Minds Group.

She has 2 records in The Limca Book of Records for memory & fastest calculation. She has also been awarded – ‘The Best Memory Trainer’ by the India Book of Records.

Recently, she has been honoured with the EdFalcon Global Awards as the Leading Educator of the year 2024 in memory & soft skills.

She is also one of the experts in a special TV programme for youth – ‘Hum Honge Kamyaab’, where value-based solutions to youth related problems are given.
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Still wondering if the program is for you?

  • I think my memory is getting weak
  • I find it difficult to recall names of people
  • I find my studies boring
  • I think remembering math tables is quite difficult
  • I misplace things every now and then and forget about where I kept them.
  • I deal with a lot of data in office but am not able to retain information
  • Chemistry formulas confuse me
  • I want to be confident in my presentation
  • I want to excel in public speaking
  • I am into a corporate job and want to climb the ladder to success.
  • I would like to sharpen my memory to enhance the quality of my life
  • I want to score well in academics

 If you checked ANY of the above boxes, or your answer is yes for any of them, then this program is for you


All sessions are live sessions, online on Zoom app.

A passion to learn and a commitment to apply the techniques will make you eligible for this program.

People from all age groups and from all walks of life stand to benefit immensely from this program.

It is a live workshop and not an online recorded video course. So, no recordings will be provided.

Access to a computer and internet connection to use Zoom.

For any further query or support, message us at: +91-9810120338

What people say about us

The students found this program very useful. The excitement of students, during & after the workshop speaks volume about it success. I highly recommend it for students & teachers.

Rupam Sah, Principal Bosco Public School

It is an excellent program for everyone as it inculcates positive attitude and one can begin to live the real life after attending this program. I think my journey begins from here…!

Chinmaya Manchanda 8th class, Modern School

I was stunned by how fast it was to learn amazing maths strategies in a fun way.

Ishaani Sood Student– year 8, Wilderness School, Adelaide, Australia

For any further query or support, message us at: +91-9810120338