Guinness World Record by Aditi Singhal & Sudhir Singhal for teaching times table till 99 to 3245 students organized by Brahma Kumaris at ORC

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Seminar For Knowing The Potential of Human Brain

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International Workshop at The Centre for Banking Studies (CBS) of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka

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Enlightening Mind and Memory Workshop

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Workshop on Smart Vedic Maths Techniques of Fast Calculation

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Workshop for Teachers and Principals on Creating Harmony in Life

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Teachers Training on Quality Personality Development

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"Parents Workshop on Smart Parenting Tips"

Teachers Training Videos

Smart calculation techniques of Vedic Maths

Memory Training Workshop

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Dynamic Minds Group Testimonials and Feedback

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  • Workshop Testimonials
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Workshop Testimonials

  • "The students found this program very useful. The excitement of students, during & after the workshop speaks volume about it success. I highly recommend it for students & teachers. "

    - Rupam Sah, Principal
    (Bosco Public School)

  • "This workshop is the best which I have ever joined before. I have learned new techniques to calculate fast and skills to reduce stress. I want this workshop should be held everyday in schools. I would apply the methods taught to change my attitude and achieve my goals."

    - Divyanshi Yadav
    (8th class, Convent of Jesus & Mary)

  • "This is very informative & practical program. In it we have learnt about our inner power and lots of techniques to remain healthy and will become successful in life."

    -Raudha Abdul Wahid
    (9th class, ILMA International School), Colombo

  • "It is an excellent program for everyone as it inculcates positive attitude and one can begin to live the real life after attending this program. I think my journey begins from here…!"

    -Chinmaya Manchanda
    (8th class, Modern School)

Testimonial Videos

Memory Workshop

Vedic Maths & Memory Workshop

Vedic Maths & Memory Workshop

Ilma International Girls School, Colombo

Mater your Memory workshop, Colombo

Convent of Jesus & Mary School

Teachers Testimonials

  • "It is indeed very informative, encouraging and above all making us inquisitive and to know more and more, not only about maths but much more in every walks of life and specially about moral values and to take a positive attitude specially in teaching so as to become a real ‘Guru’ in its true sense."

    -          Mrs. M.K. Lodha
    (Now as an Advisor, earlier as Principal,Central Academy, Jodhpur)

  • "As I am a EVS teacher and I am from science background, maths is a horrible subject for me but after this workshop its quiet interesting and beautiful subject. Now I am able to understand Vedic Maths which makes maths easy and fast. I am really thankful to Mrs. Aditi Singhal for changing my views towards maths. "

    -          Parul Sharma
    (Teacher, Central Academy, Jodhpur)

  • "It was wonderful workshop filled with empowering techniques so as to encourage our young generation."

    -          Mrs. Monica Dhar
    (City Montessori School, Lucknow)

  • "It was knowledgeable and enriching seminar using these techniques we can make mathematics a fun for the students."

    -          Mrs. Priti Asthana
    (City Montessori School, Lucknow)

  • "Very innovative and creative way to teach maths, especially, vedic mathematics must be a part of Indian Mathematics teaching."

    -          Mrs. Monica
    (St. Angela Sophia Sr. Sec. School, Jaipur)

  • "Workshop was so inspiring and encouraging; it removes our negativity and fulfill us with positive thinking."

    -          Surya G. Nair
    (St. Peter’s Sr. Sec. School, Bharatpur)

  • "Within a short span of time, Aditi Singhal taught us many good things related to mathematics as well as real life and also how to overcome to problems related to students and how to handle them with positive attitude. I appreciate this program from my heart."

    -          Mrs. Bhavna Rathore
    (Central Academy School, Jodhpur)

  • "As a teacher and as a parent I feel this program is having a true reason to develop our child’s calculation skills and logical thinking. Through this learning we can help even an average and weak student those who have phobia in maths."

    -          Mrs. Sarita Sharma
    (Central Academy, Ratanada)

Testimonial Videos

Teacher’s Training
(City Montessori School, Lucknow)

Teacher’s feedback on "Effective methods of teaching Mathematics"

Teacher’s Training
(City Montessori School, Lucknow)

Teacher’s Training
(City Montessori School, Lucknow)

Principal’s feedback on "Effective methods of teaching Mathematics"

Teacher’s Training
(City Montessori School, Lucknow)

Workshop on
Time Management for teachers

Workshop at GAV School


Vedic Maths Testimonials

  • "The techniques are very useful for students as well as teachers. It helps them in creating interest for maths and improving concentration power."

    -Sunita Jain, PGT (Maths)

  • "We can really improve our mathematical calculation by doing this workshop. Long calculations can be made easy and very less tedious than before."

    -Tanushree Sharma, 8th class,
    D.P.S. , R. K. Puram

  • "I found the methods quite interesting and useful. I would like to suggest it to many."

    -Dr. Priyanka Shukla (M.B.B.S.)

  • "This is a very good mind sharpening workshop. This will be very helpful in my studies."

    -Ridhi Sharma, 7th class,
    Queen's Mary School

  • "I think Vedic Maths is a brilliant idea because this method makes our mind sharper."

    -Aishwarya Sachdeva, 8th class,
    Manavsthali School

  • "An excellent way of calculating mathematics sums fast and increasing one's mental ability. It has helped me a lot."

    -Ajita Shukla, 8th class,
    Presentation Convent School.

  • "Vedic Maths has changed my attitude towards Maths. Now I have made maths my new friend."

    -Nidhi Meena, 10th class,
    Prabhu Dayal Public School

  • "Why are these techniques not being taught to us in school. It is a torture for us to use those long and boring conventional methods for calculations in schools when we can arrive at the answers directly without all the fuss. "

    -Abhishek Gupta, 11th class,
    Bal Bharti Public School

  • "The techniques were very useful and should be taught in every school. Efforts should be made to make Vedic Mathematics compulsory in schools."

    -Yogesh Gupta, CA

  • "I am amazed at the comments I got in the PTM of the school of my son. Everybody was asking me how he can calculate so fast in school."

    -Vandana Singhal
    Mother of Ansh Singhal, 6th class

  • "This is very nice and useful for all age groups."

    -Anju Jindal
    Housewife, B.Sc.

  • "I used to be afraid of numbers, they freaked me out, but thanks to your techniques I feel confident that with more practice, I’ll become an expert!!"

    -Safra Thawfeeq, ILMA International School,
    Colombo, Srilanka

Book Reviews (from flipkart):

Book: “How to become a Human Calculator?” With the Magic of Vedic Maths

  • "Truly Amazing. I am loving this book. Maths has been my favorite subject since my childhood. I have read this book till chapter 5 and I wish if I could have got this book during my school days. This is truly amazing book and surely will give wonderful results in someone's life if someone uses this book from their early school days."

    Thumbs Up to Aditi & Kudos to Flipkart.
    -          by Sanjay Yadav

  • "Very useful Excellent book! The explanations given are very easy to understand and there are exercises that help us improve more. It is certainly very helpful. Even those who hate Maths will begin to love it after learning the shortcut methods provided (for the conventional and long calculations) in this book. "

    -          by Anjana

  • "A Must have.... A work which must be given time in order to save a lot of time in mathematical mental calculations. Should be made mandatory at school level to make the coming generation more equipped. A must have book for competitive aspirants, teachers, students and useful even in daily life calculations."

    -          by Mayank Sharma

  • " Really Nice Book The book is really a must read for people who are preparing for all competitive exams where you have to be faster than calculators. I thing i found it interesting was they have used only single logic in every arithematic calculations they have performed. Its easy to remember too. I found it easier than the 9 IN HAND 2 IN THE MIND :-p formulae which we are used to. They have given all the concepts in logical way which is really easy to understand. I am really in love with this book. I suggest it for all the students irrespective of age. Not only who will fall in love with this book but also u will start romancing Numbersystem to the core. "

    -          by Karthikeyan Vivek

  • "Excellent This book is magic. Today I received this book and i must say "I am impressed". It speeds up your calculations by double speed. Multiplications, subtractions, additions are just beginning of this exceptional book. Cubes, rectifying your mistakes and exceptional calculations make you thank yourself for having this book. It is like a magic want in your hand. "

    -          by Sushrut Khanzode

  • "The book is mind blowing This books is super. I used to hate Maths in my school days, but the technique discussed in this book have made me love Maths :) I would recommend this book for all students to perform quick calculations. "

    -          by Suman Banerjee

  • "SIMPLIFIED VEDIC MATHS This would help in creating love toward maths. This book has shown that the real mathematics is numbers and playing with them. Apart from faster calculations, it would generate interest towards the subject. A must read for everyone who hate maths! Must for school going kids. Also, for maths enthusiasts."

    -          by Sanjeev Mishra

  • "Simply amazing book a must buy for everyone and would prove to be beneficial to those who are preparing for the competitive exams as this book puts those extra few seconds in your armory... "

    -          by Shwetabh Mathur

  • "MASTERPIECE!!! I've tried other 'Vedic Maths' books, too, but none are as easy or simple to comprehend. Even THINKING about solving problems about squares, cubes, square roots and cube roots without a calculator used to stir me, but now that's taken care of! A MUST-BUY, particularly for Entrance-Exam aspirants - The advantage of even a few seconds (mostly minutes, though) in every question makes a whole world of differences... Impressed by the book, as well as by Flipkart!"

    WAY TO GO!!!
    -          by Amardip Sanan