Guinness World Record by Aditi Singhal & Sudhir Singhal for teaching times table till 99 to 3245 students organized by Brahma Kumaris at ORC

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Seminar For Knowing The Potential of Human Brain

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International Workshop at The Centre for Banking Studies (CBS) of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka

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Enlightening Mind and Memory Workshop

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Workshop on Smart Vedic Maths Techniques of Fast Calculation

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Workshop for Teachers and Principals on Creating Harmony in Life

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Teachers Training on Quality Personality Development

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"Parents Workshop on Smart Parenting Tips"

Memory Techniques
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Smart calculation techniques of Vedic Maths

Memory Workshop

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“How to Become a Human Calculator?”
Author: Aditi Singhal
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“How to Memorize Anything”
Author: Aditi Singhal & Sudhir Singhal
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  • "The techniques are very useful for students as well as teachers. It helps them in creating interest for maths and improving concentration power."

    - Rupam Sah, Principal
    (Bosco Public School)

  • "We can really improve our mathematical calculation by doing this workshop. Long calculations can be made easy and very less tedious than before."

    -Tanushree Sharma,
    8th class, D.P.S. , R. K. Puram

  • "I found the methods quite interesting and useful. I would like to suggest it to many."

    -Dr. Priyanka Shukla

  • "This is a very good mind sharpening workshop. This will be very helpful in my studies."

    -Ridhi Sharma,
    7th class, Queen's Mary School

  • "I think Vedic Maths is a brilliant idea because this method makes our mind sharper."

    -Aishwarya Sachdeva,
    8th class, Manavsthali School


Why Memory Training?

If sometimes we feel that we have very bad memory or our memory power is decreasing, then remember there is nothing known as good or bad memory.

Memory can be of two types:


With good physical and mental health, we are able to make optimum use of our natural memory. By training our memory we can learn to remember much more information for any length of time in a very systematic way. For a person to excel in his/her field, it is important that one should have a trained memory.

How Do Memory Techniques Actually Work?

Our brain has huge capacity to store information, but one should know how to use it efficiently. Memory techniques are based on two basic laws of memory:

Using these basic laws of memory, we can register any information very quickly in our mind by converting it into mental pictures in different ways through various memory techniques. Through these concentration techniques, the participant goes through the journey of brain, understands the basic principles of mind and concentration through visualization and association. These techniques not only help to memorize things fast but also boost confidence in one’s memory and in one’s ability to use the computer we are naturally gifted with.

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Benefits of Memory Techniques:

  • Generate new interest in studies
  • Improve concentration power
  • Help students overcome examination phobia
  • Able to recall and revise quickly
  • Able to memorize difficult vocabulary words
  • Help students memorize their vast syllabus – fast
  • Memorize long answers, theory in points
  • Develop Self confidence & belief
  • Enhance creativity

  • Mount St. Mary's School, Delhi Cantt
  • Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh
  • Kulachi Hansraj Model School
  • Hamdard Public School, Sangam Vihar
  • Rabea Girls Sr. Sec. School
  • Army Public School, Delhi Cantt
  • Convent of Jesus & Mary, New Delhi
  • Army Public School, Delhi Cantt
  • Richmondd Global School, Paschim Vihar
  • Ilma International School, Colombo
  • Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai
  • Guru Har Kishan Public School, Vasant Vihar
  • Vivekanand Public School, Anand Vihar
  • Gems Internation School, Gurgaon
  • Amity International School, Saket
  • Gujrati Sr. Sec.School, Rajniwas Marg
  • Prabhu Dyal Public School, Shalimar Bagh
  • Hamdard Public School, Sangam Vihar
  • New Green Fields School, Safdarjung
  • DAV, Dayanand Vihar
  • Bosco Public School, Paschim Vihar

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Who can learn these memory techniques?
    • Ans. Everyone, who wants to improve their memory can learn these techniques. Minimum starting age is 8 years.
  2. Who has discovered these techniques?
    • Ans. These are ancient techniques. In our daily life also we use some techniques, knowingly and unknowingly. But once we know the proper methods and techniques then we can make maximum use of them according to our requirements and that will help to boost up our memory.
  3. How much time is required to learn these techniques?
    • Ans. Minimum of 4 hours training is required to learn the basic techniques. These 4 hors training can be done in a day, depending upon the audience and the location. After enough revision and practising those techniques, one can learn the advance techniques also.
  4. How they are going to help school students?
    • Ans. Using these techniques students can learn to memorize long answers, difficult vocabulary words, G.K. information, history dates, periodic tables, biological terms, list of items, etc. Practical examples from school syllabus is taken to help them apply these methods directly in their studies.
  5. How do we memorize numbers?
    • Ans. Number can also be memorized by converting them into images (using some memory codes) and associating its meaning with the pre-learned images stored in our memory.
  6. Is it for school students only?
    • Ans. No, anyone, who wants to improve his/ her memory, can be benefited using these techniques , e.g. school students, college students, teachers, housewives, businessman, managers, CA’s and other professionals, etc.
  7. Can we memorize formulas using these techniques?
    • Ans. Yes, we can memorize long answers, formulas, word meanings, history dates, appointments, word list, numbers, names, account numbers, etc.
  8. By using this method, will it take more time to memorize initially?
    • Ans. No, in fact these techniques will help us to save our time in revision and will be able to recall fastly and can retain the information for longer period of time easily. Thus, using these techniques we can save our total working time.
  9. Can we make / record using these techniques?
    • Ans. Yes, in fact many of our students got their names registered in India book of Records as Mind Masters. Three of them are national record holder in Memory only.
  10. How can we learn these techniques?
    • Ans. You may organize our workshop in your institution/ school to learn these techniques in details. For more details contact us on or call us at +91-9910867494.

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