Boost your teaching skills by Leveraging ChatGPT, AI & Google Tools

Learn how digital tools can revolutionize your teaching methods, how to save 10+ hours every week and
how to become a Google Certified Educator

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the 2-Hour Workshop

10+ AI Tools

Assessment Tools

Google Edu Tools

AI Prompts for Educators

ChatGPT and Gemini

Self-Checking Activities

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the Workshop

  • web
    10+ AI Tools for Teachers
  • check-list
    Assessment Tools
  • playstore
    Google Education Apps
  • artificial-intelligence
    ChatGPT & Gemini for Teachers
  • bot
    AI Prompts Library for Educators
  • activities
    Self-Checking Activities
  • certificate
    How to become a Google Certified Educator
  • ai-assistant
    How to have an AI as your assistant
  • indian-rupee
    How to get a better pay scale

Who is this for?



Head of schools

College Professors

Freelance Trainers

Private Tutors

Why Digital Teaching Skills

Let us stay up-to-date- with the latest trend in educational technology

It equips educators with the knowledge of 21st Century digital skills

It empowers educators with confidence in using latest digital tools.

Prepares you for global recognition

Allows collaboration with teachers from all over the world.

A quick way to increase your productivity by 50% without working manually for hours in your work

With Digital Teaching Skills

Without Digital Teaching Skills

  • Confident in using digital educational tools
  • Anxious about using digital tools
  • Well equipped for NEP 2020
  • Unprepared for NEP 2020
  • Capable of collaborating with teachers around the world
  • Has no ability to collaborate or share ideas
  • Offers personalised learning resources
  • Has no diverse plan for teaching
  •  Is a way ahead in professional growth curve
  • Chances of losing job to the ones who are better prepared

Meet Your Mentor

Sudhir Singhal

Sudhir Singhal

COO of Dynamic Minds Group, he has to his credit Guinness World Record for teaching Largest Maths Class. He is an author and a Google certified Trainer and Google Champion for education.

Sudhir brings a wealth of expertise in educational technology and instructional design. He specializes in helping educators harness the full potential of Google Workspace for Education, making learning more engaging and interactive.

He has over 20 years of experience in different fields like technology, programming, management and education. He has been a source of inspiration for many.

He is an active member of research wing – “SpARC (Spiritual Applications & Research Centre)” of Brahma Kumaris.

He has co-authored 6 bestselling books:

  • How to Improve Concentration,
  • How to become a Human Calculator,
  • How to Memorize anything,
  • How to be a Math Magician – a flip book,
  • The Ultimate Memory Handbook for Students and
  • Crack the Code – Maths Mysteries for all ages

He has conducted numerous workshops across India, attended by over 30,000 teachers, on a range of topics like Maths for digital India, Smart maths for smart generation, Developing mathematical thinking and much more.


It will be a live session on Zoom app

No prerequisites are required; it is open to anyone eager to learn and grow.

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You will receive the WhatsApp group joining link in email confirmation message as well.

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