Guinness World Record by Aditi Singhal & Sudhir Singhal for teaching times table till 99 to 3245 students organized by Brahma Kumaris at ORC

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Seminar For Knowing The Potential of Human Brain

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International Workshop at The Centre for Banking Studies (CBS) of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka

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Enlightening Mind and Memory Workshop

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Workshop on Smart Vedic Maths Techniques of Fast Calculation

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Workshop for Teachers and Principals on Creating Harmony in Life

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Teachers Training on Quality Personality Development

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"Parents Workshop on Smart Parenting Tips"

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Smart calculation techniques of Vedic Maths

Youngest child to memorize complete periodic table

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Dynamicteachers This group is meant for teachers only who want to learn and explore new way of teaching in the classroom.

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“How to Become a Human Calculator?”
Author: Aditi Singhal
Publisher: S.Chand

“How to Memorize Anything”
Author: Aditi Singhal & Sudhir Singhal
Publisher: Random House India
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Teachers feedback on "Effective methods of teaching mathematics"

Student's Workshop
(Convent of Jesus & Mary)

Dynamic Minds Group

Dynamic Minds Group is a creative learning, mind & memory-training organization, founded in 2008 by Aditi Singhal & Sudhir Singhal. We offer high quality training & workshops in the field of Vedic Mathematics, Concentration power development & Memory enhancement.

With over 500 seminars and workshops conducted nationally and internationally, students of all age groups, C.A.’s, Managers, Doctors, Teachers & other Professionals have benefited immensely. We have a Team of highly qualified, experienced & record holder trainers having specialization in their respective fields.

Some of the schools where we have conducted workshops are:
Army Public School, Amity International School, Convent of Jesus & Mary, Ganga International, Guru Harkrishan Public School, Hamdard Public School, Manav Rachna International, St. Marks School and many more.

Thousands of students are also benefiting through our annual program of weekly classes in their schools on vedic maths for improving calculation skills & concentration. We are also providing online training courses on vedic maths for students, teachers and those appearing for competitive exams.

About Founders

Aditi Singhal

Aditi Singhal is an International Memory Trainer, Author, Motivational Speaker, Counselor and Vedic Maths expert par excellence. She has to her credit Guinness World Record for teaching Mathematics and 3 National Records for Memory & Fastest Calculation and awarded by The Limca Book of Records. She has also been awarded – “The Best Memory Trainer” by the India Book of Records.

She had a dream to make calculations simple for all. Hence she authored a book:
“How to Become a Human Calculator?”

Sudhir Singhal

Sudhir Singhal is a dynamic trainer, author, motivational speaker and counselor. He has to his credit Guinness World Record for teaching largest maths class and a world record in Limca Book of Records.

He has a vast experienced of more than 15 years in different fields like technology, programming, management and education. He has been a source of inspiration for many youngsters. He has also authored a book on working out times table till 99 mentally.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to enable children to do calculations mentally and empower them to face the competitive and ever changing world. Creating love for Maths and making daily life calculations easy for all.


  • The students found this program very useful. The excitement of students, during & after the workshop speaks volume about it success. I highly recommend it for students & teachers.

    - Rupam Sah, Principal
    (Bosco Public School)

  • It is indeed very informative, encouraging and above all making us inquisitive and to know more and more, not only about maths but much more in every walks of life and specially about moral values and to take a positive attitude specially in teaching so as to become a real ‘Guru’ in its true sense.

    - Mrs. M.K. Lodha,
    (Now as an Advisor, earlier as Principal, Central Academy, Jodhpur)

  • This workshop is the best which I have ever joined before. I have learned new techniques to calculate fast and skills to reduce stress. I want this workshop should be held everyday in schools. I would apply the methods taught to change my attitude and achieve my goals

    - Divyanshi Yadav
    (8th class, Convent of Jesus & Mary)

  • "This is a very good mind sharpening workshop. This will be very helpful in my studies."

    -Ridhi Sharma,
    7th class, Queen's Mary School

  • "I think Vedic Maths is a brilliant idea because this method makes our mind sharper."

    -Aishwarya Sachdeva,
    8th class, Manavsthali School

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